Pregnancy and geographic tongue disease problems

Geographic tongue results from the loss of tiny hairlike projections papillae on your tongue's surface. This papillae loss appears as smooth, red patches of varying shapes and sizes. Geographic tongue is an inflammatory but harmless condition affecting the surface of your tongue.

The tongue is normally covered with tiny, pinkish-white bumps papillaewhich are actually short, fine, hairlike projections. With geographic tongue, patches on the surface of the tongue are missing papillae and appear as smooth, red "islands," often with slightly raised borders. These patches lesions give the tongue a maplike, or geographic, appearance. The lesions often heal in one area and then move migrate to a different part of your tongue.

Geographic tongue is also known as benign migratory glossitis. Although geographic tongue may look alarming, it doesn't cause health problems and isn't associated with infection or cancer. Geographic tongue can sometimes cause tongue discomfort and increased sensitivity to certain substances, such as spices, salt and even sweets. Geographic tongue can continue for days, months or years.

The problem often resolves on its own but may appear again at a later time. Geographic tongue is a minor — although sometimes uncomfortable — condition.

However, lesions on the tongue may indicate other more-serious conditions of the tongue or diseases affecting the body in general. If you have lesions on the tongue that don't resolve within 10 days, see your doctor or dentist. The cause of geographic tongue is unknown, and there's no way to prevent the condition.

There may be a link between geographic tongue and psoriasis and between geographic tongue and lichen planus.

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But more research is needed to better understand possible connections. Studies of factors that may be associated with an increased risk of geographic tongue have produced mixed results.

Factors that are likely associated with an increased risk include:.Not that you need twice the calories but you do need twice the nutrition to build healthy bones and bodies. Not only can this result in Geographic Tongue but also in an increased risk of things like Spina-Bifida. At the same time the incidence of Geographic Tongue is increasing. But pregnant women are especially vulnerable because the demand for nutrients is so much higher.

I just bought your e-book today, and am full of optimism! My geographic tongue started over 15 years ago when…you guessed it…. I was pregnant for the first time! Sometimes it can be much worse than others! Ditto with tomatoes, which I also used to really enjoy.

pregnancy and geographic tongue disease problems

And so I found your incredible book! Talk about value for money — what a huge amount of information to digest pardon the pun! It makes me mad now! Perhaps I had a defficiency even then! I can see now that there are also plenty of fissures been re-reading the chapter on that! So if you are pregnant and experiencing Geographic Tongue your body is trying to tell you something. For your health and the health of your baby you need to get the proper nutrition right away!

I got geographic tongue while pregnant and still have it I am still nursing. It has gotten worse.

pregnancy and geographic tongue disease problems

At first I was wondering if your system would work on pregnancy induced geo tongue but I have to tell you this- I started on the treatment you mentioned and my tongue cleared up in two days! I cannot imagine that it could be a coincidence. But, if you nurse your baby which you should if at all possible you have extended the time your body needs that extra nutrition.

Fortunately, our bodies were designed to know this and have almost super healing powers during this time all they need are the proper building blocks to do it. This is day 8 of a tongue so painful that I have been talking like I have a hairlip. Singing in church Sunday was an outstanding experience for all seated around me. I have been super cautious about my diet simply because I DO NOT want my tongue to hurt that bad again, but the vitamin therapy seems to help a lot.

So there is hope if you have Geographic Tongue and are pregnant or nursing.Your tongue might not be that big, but it's got some major responsibilities. Without your tongue, eating and speaking would be tricky, for example. The condition your of your tongue also affects your ability to breathe and may influence how pleasant or unpleasant your breath smells.

Sometimes, things can happen to the tongue that affect its ability to do its job well. Tongue disease can take many forms, and although it sometimes occurs as a result of an infection, that's not the only factor behind it. As the National Institutes of Health NIH points out, tongue problems can take many forms and can have a variety of symptoms. One common sign of a tongue problem or disease is pain in the area. A person's ability to taste foods can also be affected when something is wrong with the tongue.

The tongue might also swell, change color, or have changes in its texture. In some cases, people with tongue problems have difficulty moving their tongue, which can make speaking and eating difficult.

Bad breath is also occasionally a sign of tongue trouble. A variety of factors can cause a problem with the tongue. The cause of a tongue disorder usually determines how long the problem lasts and how easy it is to treat. For example, tongue infections, caused by bacteria or fungus, usually clear up after a course of antibiotics or antifungal medicines. Problems caused by a nutritional deficiency, such as anemia tongueusually clear up when the deficiency is resolved.

A few other common causes of tongue problems and disease include dietary choices, cancer, nerve damage, autoimmune disorders, trauma to the tongue like biting it and hormonal changes.

Geographic Tongue Natural Cure

Treatment for tongue diseases depends on the type of problem and its cause. For example, oral thrush is usually treated with an antifungal medication, often in liquid form. Correcting a nutritional problem or changing your diet might help treat burning mouth syndrome. Black hairy tongue can be remedied with improved oral hygiene, such as by brushing with a Colgate Triple Action toothbrush, which has a tongue cleaner to remove odor-causing bacteria. Treating cancer of the tongue depends in part on the size of the tumor.

In some cases, surgically removing the cancer is possible. In other instances, treatment with radiation or chemotherapy might also be recommended. If you suspect that you are having a tongue problem, your best bet is to schedule an appointment with your dentist for an exam and diagnosis. They will look at your tongue and take a swab or culture to determine if the issue is caused by an infection or something else. Keeping your tongue clean will help you achieve an overall healthy mouth.

This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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Pregnancy is not always a period for glowing skin there are also many unusual symptoms during this time. Some changes can be challenging like sore tongue.

But however, there are not very serious nor is anything wrong going with the mother or the baby. A tongue sore is an open skin infection on the tongue. This condition is explained by occurrence of tiny red or white bumps on the surface of the tongue, these bumps can also change its size and can be present anywhere on the tongue or under the tongue.

It is important to understand the cause of tongue sores so that you can prevent an outbreak. The common causes of tongue sores during pregnancy are. It is a key reason for tongue sores during pregnancy.

It is best to avoid any kind of stress to manage tongue sores. Sleep deprivation can cause hormonal imbalances which can lead to side effects such as tongue sores.

pregnancy and geographic tongue disease problems

Vitamin b12 and iron can cause mouth related problems and sores on the tongue. A sudden change in hormones can cause alterations in the chemical composition of the blood leading to problems like tongue sores.

The first sign of tongue sores is the formations and appearance of white or red bumps on the tongue. These bumps usually resemble blisters and may differ in size. Changes in estrogen and progesterone hormone level during pregnancy will increase plaque formation in teeth. The plaque has bacteria.

Plaque causes bacteria buildup inside which can be a cause of tongue sore and also bad odor. You might feel sensitivity towards hot and spicy food. You will feel burning sensation while eating or drinking foods or liquids which have high acidic content, avoid eating food that irritate your tongue.

Sore Tongue During Pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

You will notice white or red tiny patches on the surface of the tongue these patches can often be painful; this is the prime symptom of tongue sores. You can be quite sure about tongue sore when you see these creamy white lesions on the surface of the tongue and sometimes on inner cheeks or the other areas of mouth.

You may also notice slight change in the color of your tongue. This might also cause partial loss of taste. You might get rise in your body temperature. This is because you body is fighting back to the bacteria causing the problem or the viral infection. There are different ways to treat tongue sores during pregnancy. They can be treated both by natural methods and through medications. If you are following any medications then consult your doctor first about the types and the dosage of medicines.

Using ointment is also an option but try avoiding those which contains steroids since that may impact the pregnancy. There are also some natural ways to treat tongue sores which includes.

Honey has curative properties that help cure inflammation and pain caused by tongue sores. Apply honey on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.

You can also add one tablespoon of honey with half teaspoon of turmeric and apply on the affected part for a few minutes. This can be repeated 2 to 4 times a day. Extract of lemon balm mixed with olive oil helps in healing the pain or discomfort aroused due to tongue soreness.

This extract should be applied on the affected area at least 2 to 4 times a day.

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Aloe Vera has healing effects that can alleviate a sore tongue.Your physician or dentist can usually make a diagnosis of geographic tongue based on an examination of your tongue and your signs and symptoms.

Geographic tongue typically doesn't require any medical treatment. Although geographic tongue can sometimes cause tongue discomfort, it's otherwise a harmless condition. Because these treatments haven't been studied rigorously, their benefit is uncertain. Since the condition resolves on its own and has an unpredictable course, you may not be able to tell if the symptomatic treatments are actually working.

You may reduce discomfort associated with geographic tongue by avoiding or limiting substances that commonly aggravate sensitive oral tissues, such as spicy or acidic foods or beverages, as well as alcohol and tobacco. Prepare questions ahead of time to make the most of your appointment. Basic questions to ask include:. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. This content does not have an English version.

This content does not have an Arabic version. Diagnosis Your physician or dentist can usually make a diagnosis of geographic tongue based on an examination of your tongue and your signs and symptoms. During the exam, your physician or dentist may: Use a lighted instrument to check your tongue and mouth Ask you to move your tongue around in various positions Gently touch palpate your tongue to check for tenderness or unusual changes in the tongue's texture or consistency Check for signs of infection, such as fever or swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. Share on: Facebook Twitter. Show references Usatine RP, et al. Geographic tongue. New York, N. Accessed Jan. Mangold AR, et al. Diseases of the tongue. Clinics in Dermatology. Rochester, Minn. Goldstein BG, et al. Oral lesions. The American Academy of Oral Medicine. Picciani BL, et al. Geographic tongue and psoriasis: Clinical, histopathological, immunohistochemical and genetic correlation — A literature review.

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Tongue Disease 101: Signs, Causes, Types And Treatment

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pregnancy and geographic tongue disease problems

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